As central Ohio’s leading plumbing, drain, heating and cooling service provider, we’ve had over 35 years to get it right. Our corporate culture and employee training programs focus on superior technical skills and customer service satisfaction.



We aim for 100% Satisfaction

From the time you place a call to the time our technician leaves your property, we want you to be 100% satisfied. The team that serves you will include schedulers, estimators, suppliers, dispatchers, technicians that visit your property, master technicians that advise, billing personnel, and customer service reps before, during and after the work is performed.

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Fast responses

We offer real-time customer service 24/7. This is exclusive to The Waterworks. Whether you call on a weekday, a weekend evening, or 3am Christmas morning, you can count on prompt and friendly voice from a real person, not a robot. While you await your technician, we may troubleshoot simple solutions on the phone, like how to turn off the water main or re-light a furnace pilot light.