Sewer, Water
& Gas Lines

Sewer, Water
& Gas Lines

The Waterworks is central Ohio’s trusted provider of underground pipeline repairs. With 100+ highly-skilled technicians, and a wealth of specialized digging, pipe-cleaning, and pipe renewal technologies, we resolve problems quickly, efficiently and with a minimum of mess.

Signs your sewer line needs help

A leaking or clogged sewer line should be addressed right away. The issues tend to get more serious and more expensive the longer you wait. Call The Waterworks if you notice:

  • strange sounds from your pipes

  • foul smells, indoor or outdoor

  • water marks on your walls and ceilings

  • wet basement walls or floor

  • standing or ponding water in your yard

  • slow drainage system

Plumbing emergency? We respond fast!

Sewer Line Services

Residential & Commercial Services

Whether your sewer lines are clogged, cracked, broken, punctured, corroded or cracked — lay under a yard, roadway or expanse of public land — The Waterworks can help.

Be proactive

about sewer line cleaning.

Especially if you live in an older neighborhood with mature trees and shrubs. Water-seeking roots not only invade but crack underground water lines.

Water Line Services

The Waterworks is an approved, licensed contractor for the State of Ohio.

If your home or business is experiencing low water pressure, the problem could be in the main water line. If we find problems on your property’s side of the curb shut-off, we offer a variety of solutions to repair and replace the lines with a minimum of disruption.