Patching & Repair

Patching & Repair

Minimally invasive, PipeLining rebuilds cracked, broken, leaking and root-infested lines from the inside. A cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) rehabilitation method, PipeLining is a faster, cheaper, less disruptive alternative to traditional pipe repair and replacement.

PipeLining Services

Give your old pipe up to 50 more years of life.

Traditional sewer line repair/replacement involves time-consuming, wide-spreading, large-vehicle excavation. The noise, mess and water shutdowns can inconvenience customers and employees for weeks. Now you can renew old pipelines with minimal disruption to your business, your landscape and your budget.

PipeLining is Cost Effective & Fast

Completed with a very small crew, PipeLining requires only a few pieces of specialized equipment which The Waterworks already owns, reducing your costs. Download our Fact Sheet to see the process illustrated in detail.

  • Installation usually requires just a day

  • Compatible with virtually any type of pipe — clay, cast iron, concrete or PVC

  • Flexible enough to handle bends

  • Strong enough to be used as a bridge between pipes

  • Renews full-length pipelines or just a small damaged section

The PipeLining process is minimally intrusive.

This trenchless technology requires only a small dig at the entry point (and a possible small dig at the exit). Because the process it is performed so quickly, it’s less disruptive to your business and leaves little to no landscaping damage.

PipeLining prevents many future repairs.

  • discourages future deposit buildup

  • stops future corrosion

  • deters root infestation

  • stops rainwater infiltration

  • keeps sewer water from leaking

  • is stronger and more watertight than PVC

  • is expected to last for up to 50 years

Conventional Patching & Repair

For smaller jobs, we also provide conventional repairs and replacements to full pipe lines or to specific damaged sections. We keep the digging to a minimum. We own our own excavation equipment. And we make sure the site is safe during the process and cleaned up after the job is done.

Advanced Hydro-Excavation

Also known as trenchless technology, hydro-excavation and -vacuuming is the safe way to expose underground utilities, cables and pipes. The process moves soil with pressurized water rather than shovels, buckets or jackhammers. For more information, click below.

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