Fat Oil & Grease

Fat Oil & Grease

A leading cause of sewer blockages is the accumulation of fats, oils and grease (FOG) from food service establishments and industrial wastewater discharges. The Waterworks specializes in helping restaurants and cafeterias with well-maintained grease traps and compliance issues.

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Whether from food prep, dishwashing or floor and filter cleaning, once in the pipes FOG blockages can cause overflows into local waterways and backups into nearby properties. A service call costs the City of Columbus at least $2,000 to respond; more if the blockage causes an overflow or discharges into the environment. Costs which lead right back to you.

For more information about the City of Columbus FOG Program, visit www.columbus.gov/utilities/waterprotection/Fats,-Oils,-and-Grease-Control/.

Grease Traps

The Waterworks installs and maintains grease traps.

Typically constructed of concrete, fiberglass or steel, grease traps have FOG and solid storage capacities. Also called ‘grease interceptors’ or ‘gravity interceptors’, FOG and food solids that get into your drain system will settle on the tank floor. As more waste water enters the tank, the grease-free water is pushed into the cleaner secondary tank, leaving the grease buildup in the primary tank to be pumped out.

Preventative Maintenance Plan

The Waterworks’ Premier Preventative Maintenance Plan

  • Skim your grease trap; then thoroughly scrape and clean the walls

  • Inspect all trap components

  • Cable and hydro-flush the lines to and from the trap*

  • Transport FOG to EPA-approved disposal site

  • Provide the FOG Manifest and Reports for your compliance records

  • Repair and install grease traps, seals, lids and lines to code

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