Air Quality

Air Quality

The Waterworks is central Ohio’s expert in air filtration products that work alongside your HVAC system. Whether you own a home or business, our highly-trained technicians know how to build a solution to suit your property, and improve air safety for family and employees.

Signs that your indoor air
may be unhealthy.

  • Coughing or difficulty breathing

  • Sneezing or allergic reactions

  • Skin dryness or irritation

  • Headaches or nausea

  • Inability to sleep

  • Dust buildup

  • Hot and cold spots

  • Unpleasant odors

Improve your air quality

Professionally-Installed Air Quality Products

Because of our longstanding partnership with Lennox, we offer customers superior indoor air quality products — such as whole home air filtration systems, humidifiers and UV germicidal lights — as well as duct repair and replacement.

Many customers first tried portable air quality products but found that they can be expensive to operate, often times requiring pricey filters or frequent refilling. The solutions we offer are professionally installed to your existing forced air furnace or air conditioning system, require very little maintenance and operate silently.

What’s in your air?

The Waterworks uses the AirAdvice IAQ Program to validate indoor concerns in your home or business.

AirAdvice is an independent third party whose technology enables us to identify and resolve key IAQ problems. Their unique monitor continuously samples the air in your home and records the six key parameters of indoor air quality:

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

  • Particulates

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Your data is transferred, analyzed and shared with you in a graphical report that helps us determine what may be affecting indoor air. The report also suggests ways to solve your air quality problems. Using the report, we can work together to select the solution that is right for you. View sample IAQ reports here.

Test your Indoor
Air Quality

Indoor Air

Did you know there is more pollution indoors than out?

Indoor air quality is key to the health of all occupants — whether you’re a homeowner with a family, a restaurant with customers or an office building full of employees. Recirculating air, without proper filtration and germicidal lights, will simply retain pollutants, such as: