Catch Basins
& Storm Sewers

Catch Basins
& Storm Sewers

The Waterworks specializes in cleaning catch basins and storm sewers for property managers, municipalities, strip malls, parking lot owners and more. We own our own Hydro-Excavation and -Jetting trucks and equipment, eliminating the need for rental fees and delays.

Maintenance Benefits

Keeping the neighborhood clean and safe.

  • Ensures smooth drainage of wastewater

  • Reduce neighborhood sewer odors

  • Prevents streets from flooding

  • Keeps individual home basements from flooding

  • Allows pedestrians to walk without splashing

  • Reduces dirt tread into homes, store and businesses

Catch Basin Services

Well-maintained catch basins are a vital part of public outdoor spaces

Also known as storm sewers, the catch basin system relies on gravity to catch rainfall and snow melt, keeping parking lots, sidewalks, roadways and basements free from flooding. Over time, grease, leaves, mud and road debris build up on your catch basin walls and eventually fall off in large clusters, causing obstructions and backups in the connecting pipelines. This debris can also cause odors and bacteria buildup.

  • Clear immediate debris blockages that inhibit flow

  • Perform routine annual cleaning of pipe walls septic lines

  • Haul away years of waste and debris

  • Repair older systems with line patching and replacement

  • Renew older sewer lines with PipeLining and patching

  • Plan, map and install new storm sewer systems

  • Update existing systems with additional catch points

We own our own equipment

No more rental fees or delays.

Since we own our own equipment, we can respond quickly after harsh weather events.

Frequently used in multi-family communities, office buildings and parking lots — public spaces — our advanced equipment gets the job done quickly and safely, with a minimum of disruption. Our experienced technicians also receive extensive training with each tool and truck.

  • Industrial Hydro-Jet trucks

  • Hydro-Vacuuming trucks

  • PipeLining equipment (renewable sewer line)

  • Video camera inspections

We serve many metro and suburban areas.