Plumbing, Drain &
HVAC services. All from

One Company

With a humble beginning as a small drain cleaning company in 1986, The Waterworks has grown into central Ohio’s leading plumbing, drain, heating and cooling service provider.

We provide it all:
Plumbing, Drain & HVAC services

  • Plumbing repair, retrofitting and new installations
  • Drain cleaning (under and above ground)
  • Sewer lines (including repair, patching and PipeLining renewal)
  • Heating and cooling repair, tuneups and new installations

We’re different than other service companies

Truly full-service, we solve both large and small issues.

From indoor leaks and clogs, to outdoor pipeline and sewer repair, to complete heating and cooling repairs, tuneups and full system replacements, The Waterworks is there for you.

  • Superior customer service (built into our culture)
  • Faster response times (80+ service vehicles on hand)
  • 1-year guarantees (most offer 30-90 days)
  • Abundant manpower and expertise (100+ well-trained technicians)
  • 24/7 service on demand (every day of the year)
  • We own our equipment (no rental fees or delays)
  • Convenience (wide range of services from a single company)

We are trusted.

Honest. Fair. Dependable. We have a reputation of going the extra mile to exceed expectations. If you don’t believe us, view our reviews!

We are experienced.

Our employees are certified, licensed, bonded and trained. Our technicians are highlyskilled in multiple fields, allowing us to match the right person to the right job.

We are responsive.

We offer real-time scheduling. Around-the-clock service. Customer service follow-ups. A team of employees complete each job together to ensure that you receive superior service. Find out more about our team.

We are budget-sensitive.

When problem-solving, we consider and estimate solutions to meet your immediate needs only as well solutions that have more longevity. This way you can make informed choices on how much to spend. View our Clog Clearing vs Cleaning page as an example.

We are caring.

We care about your home and business, of course. But we also care about your health. Your time. Your budget. And we answer your questions and concerns before doing the work.

We service all sectors


We are a trusted, one-stop shop that provides vital repair, maintenance and installation services your home’s plumbing, drain and HVAC systems.