The Waterworks has heavily invested in specialized, hydro-technology equipment and training. The procedures are less-invasive. The results are longer-lasting. And because we own the equipment, we do not have to pass on rental fees to our customers.


This no-dig solution uses high-pressure water (rather than shovels, buckets or jackhammers) to safely expose underground cables, electrical lines and pipelines.


This air conveyance system transfers the soil and slurry from hydro-excavation to a debris tank, keeping the dig site clear and visible during the excavation.


This high-pressure water tool fits into pipes to thoroughly clean off their inner walls, eliminating clogs while peeling away years of built-up debris and bacteria.

Hydro-Excavation Benefits

It’s the safe, fast, cost-effective way to expose underground utilities and pipelines.

Much preferred over conventional excavation, hydro-excavation and -vacuuming allows for precise daylighting. Narrow trench digging. Thorough cleaning. And cold-weather service scheduling. Used for both residential and commercial issues, hydro-technology:

  • reduces costly damage to utility lines and cables

  • minimizes utility service disruption

  • maintains employee productivity

  • keeps landscape clean and work time quieter

  • reduces excavation time and labor costs

  • speeds work under roads to keep traffic flowing longer

  • minimizes injury, insurance and liability costs

  • can be performed in cold winter weather

  • lowers municipal traffic congestion

  • lowers backfilling and cleanup costs

We are an approved, licensed contractor for the State of Ohio