The Waterworks has heavily invested in specialized, hydro-technology equipment and training. The procedures are less-invasive. The results are longer-lasting. And because we own the equipment, we do not have to pass on rental fees to our customers.


This no-dig solution uses high-pressure water (rather than shovels, buckets or jackhammers) to safely expose underground cables, electrical lines and pipelines.


This air conveyance system transfers the soil and slurry from hydro-excavation to a debris tank, keeping the dig site clear and visible during the excavation.


This high-pressure water tool fits into pipes to thoroughly clean off their inner walls, eliminating clogs while peeling away years of built-up debris and bacteria.

Hydro-Excavation Benefits

It’s the safe, fast, cost-effective way to expose underground utilities and pipelines.

Much preferred over conventional excavation, hydro-excavation and -vacuuming allows for precise daylighting. Narrow trench digging. Thorough cleaning. And cold-weather service scheduling. Used for both residential and commercial issues, hydro-technology:

  • reduces costly damage to utility lines and cables

  • minimizes utility service disruption

  • maintains employee productivity

  • keeps landscape clean and work time quieter

  • reduces excavation time and labor costs

  • speeds work under roads to keep traffic flowing longer

  • minimizes injury, insurance and liability costs

  • can be performed in cold winter weather

  • lowers municipal traffic congestion

  • lowers backfilling and cleanup costs

We are an approved, licensed contractor for the State of Ohio

Hydro-Jetting Benefits

Cleans pipes thoroughly and reduces future clogs and obstructions.

Well-known for commercial use, hydro-jetting is also a homeowner’s best friend for both above-ground and underground pipe cleaning. This specialized high-powered pressure washer not only eliminates the clog, the pipe walls are essentially being scoured of years of accumulated grease, silt, fat, soaps, dirt, mineral deposits, tree roots and other sludge components. Which in turn, helps prevent future clogs.

Hydro-jetting is a longer lasting solution than snaking and is ideal for many different types and sizes of pipes. Benefits include:

  • clears clogs with no harsh chemicals

  • improves flow performance

  • prevents future obstructions

  • removes unhealthy bacteria buildup

  • reduces foul odors

  • lessens stress on interior pipes

  • costs less than traditional drain cleaning

  • proactively helps prevent future excavations

Commercial applications:

Storm Sewers, Catch Basins, Lift Stations & Municipal Sewer Lines

Residential applications:

Indoor Clogs, Thorough Cleaning of Pipes & Sewer Lines

We own our own equipment

No more rental fees or delays.

Used mostly for multi-family communities, office buildings, industrial facilities and municipalities, we have advanced tools and trucks that handle all sizes of jobs. Our plumbing professionals are not only experienced in this type of work, but specially-trained in the use of the equipment, including:

  • Hydro-Excavation & -Vacuuming trucks

  • Industrial Hydro-Jet tools

  • PipeLining equipment

  • Video camera inspections

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