The Waterworks helps you find out what is in your water and eliminate unhealthy contaminants.
This is key to the health of your drinking, bathing and cleaning water… to your appliances and
plumbing fixtures… and to the health of your family.

Benefits of Water Treatment

What’s in your water?

Municipal, rural and private well water can contain a variety of minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, rust and other naturally occurring sediments, as well as man-made chemicals and environmental byproducts that end up in the water due to acid rain, storm water runoff, industrial waste and pesticide usage. The Waterworks can help you address these hazards so you and your family can enjoy:

  • Healthier, better-tasting drinking water

  • Smoother, softer, healthier skin and hair

  • Longer appliance life

  • Less lime scale and mineral deposits on surfaces

  • Reduced faucet, showerhead, toilet and sink issues

  • Cost savings by eliminating bottled water

  • Eco-friendly living due to less plastic waste

  • Lower risk of mold and mildew growth on surfaces and in the air

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We have trained technicians who test for iron, sulfur, hardness, total dissolved solid content and other contaminants.

We offer a wide variety of water treatment systems

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Some remedies include point-of-water-use (at the faucet level) or whole-house systems (at the water-main level in the basement). Call us at 614-232-2222 so we can access what your particular home or business needs.

  • Reverse Osmosis

  • Ion-exchange Softening

  • Ion-exchange Demineralization

  • Carbon Filtration

  • Iron or Oxidizing Filtration

  • Neutralizing Filtration

  • Ozone Treatment

  • Pot Feeders or Chemical Feed Pumps

  • Sand Filtration

  • Sediment Filtration

Water Conditioners, usually salt-free systems, are used to remove unpleasant tastes and smells caused by chlorine, chloramines, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), organic gases, lead and other contaminants.

Water Softeners (shown here) are the most common residential treatment; they remove hard minerals from your system through a process known as ion exchange which utilizes sodium in the chemical purification.

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Arthur and Collin installed my whole
home water treatment system yesterday.

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They are trustworthy and valuable members of your team.”

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