Sump Pumps

& Battery Backups

Sump Pumps

& Battery Backups

The heavy clay content in Ohio’s soil can lead to slow foundation drainage, standing water, and wet or flooding basements. The Waterworks has been providing expert sump pump repair, maintenance and new installations since 1986.

Signs you may need a sump pump

To avoid basement flooding and foundation disintegration, the sump pump collects foundational ground water and pumps it far away from your home’s perimeter so that the water does not seep through the walls and floor of your basement. Indications you may need a sump pump are:

  • Excessive dampness or standing water in basement

  • Heavy rain or snow accumulation

  • You live in a low-lying area or valley

  • Broken underground pipes

  • A newly re-finished basement

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Sump Pump Services

Residential & Commercial Services

Sump pumps are fairly low-maintenance devices; they quietly run in the background of your home’s day to day life. So, you may not realize when there is a malfunction in your system — right up until you get a heavy rain or snowstorm and the basement floods. The Waterworks provides:

  • Fast repair and maintenance

  • Routine inspections and testing

  • New sump pump installation

  • Battery-backup installation

  • Repair and replace broken or leaking pipes

  • Industrial and municipal pumping solutions

  • Elevator sump pump installation

Signs you need a repair

Following are the tell-tale signs that it may have a problem. Some properties with excessively wet grounds may literally need more than one pump.

  • Sump pump is cycling or continuously running

  • Storm drain backups or backflow

  • Sump pump doesn’t power on, especially during rainy periods

  • Must, mold or mildew smells

  • Loud noises

The Waterworks specializes in sump pump repair and replacement.

Due to the variation in property and landscape aspects, sump pump repairs and installations are best left to professionals as they require technical knowledge and expertise.

The Battery-Backup.
It’s always a good idea.

Because nature is unpredictable, a battery backup ensures that even if the power goes out or a circuit breaker trips during a torrential rain storm, your sump pump will continue to operate effectively. While these events may only happen once in a blue moon, they do happen, and it’s important to have a failsafe in place.

Also, if you do not do routine maintenance and cleaning, the debris that naturally collects over time can clog the pump, causing a malfunction.