The State of Ohio not only requires the use of backflow prevention assembly devices, they mandate that only certified, licensed contractors — like The Waterworks — install, maintain, service and test them.

Dirty drinking water is never acceptable.

Backflow — usually caused by mainline breaks, fire hydrant use or pressurized pumps — can pull waste water into the clean water supply and contaminate an entire neighborhood’s water supply. Backflow Preventer Devices keep this from happening by sensing the change of flow and closing the line until pressure normalizes. If the City notifies you about backflow requirements, contact The Waterworks at 614-232-2222 or click here to email us.

A Backflow Preventer Device

is needed here to keep contaminated water out of the clean water supply.

Without it, dirty water from one building gets sucked into the main water line, then contaminates all properties connected to the same line.

Backflow prevention is mandated

Who needs to comply?

Most commercial, industrial and municipal property owners — as well as select homeowners — must use backflow prevention assembly devices.

  • Hotels, Apartments & Condominiums

  • City parks, Pools & Recreational environments

  • Restaurants, Kitchens & Grocery stores

  • Commercially leased properties

  • Hospitals, Medical & Senior facilities

  • Mortuaries, Laboratories & Warehouses

  • Gas stations & Car washes

  • Offices & Government buildings

  • Schools, Sporting arenas & Retail stores

  • Construction, Manufacturing & Industrial sites

  • Single-Family Homes with irrigation systems

Backflow prevention is mandated

The Waterworks specializes in Installations, Testing & Repair

We’ve been providing complete commercial and residential backflow prevention systems for over 35 years. Download our Backflow Prevention Fact Sheet to view the installation process, enclosure box information and the importance of 24/7 service when it comes to potential emergencies.

Plumbing emergency? We respond fast!

Adam did a good job of checking out my backflow valve, and installing a new alarm. Thanks!”

– Frank V., Northwest Columbus