What to Do If Your Basement Floods

Published On: July 28, 2016Categories: Plumbing


Flooding basements are an issue that nobody wants to deal with. If your basement does flood, you will want to take action quickly. Learn about the approach that you should take if you experience a flooding basement.

Turn Off the Water Source

If possible, shut off the source of water that is causing the flooding. In certain instances, this may require turning off all of the plumbing in your home. If you are not entirely sure how to do this, call a professional before causing more disaster. During the flooding, avoid using appliances such as your laundry machines, toilets, and dishwasher until the problem is resolved.

Do Not Wade Through the Water Right Away

It will be tempting to immediately walk through the floodwater, but this can potentially be very dangerous. The safe decision is to wait until your home’s electricity is shut off in order to ensure that there are no open circuits in the water.

Call The Waterworks!

If the damage is significant, you’ll want the assistance of a professional plumber or flood cleanup crew. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and more than happy to help you resolve your issue. Our technicians are all highly trained and will know how to properly handle the problem.

Call Your Insurance Company

Give your insurance company a call quickly. The longer you wait to call, the least likely you are to receive the maximum amount of coverage. Be sure to take photos of the damage to show as evidence. Also, hold on to all of your receipts from any emergency purchases made to take care of the damage.

Prevent Flooding From Happening Again

There are a variety of precautions that you can take to help avoid flooding from occurring in your basement again. Consider installing a sump pump or replacing your old one. It is also worthwhile to contemplate upgrading your home’s drainage system; your insurance company will be happy to hear this and be more likely to satisfy your claim.

It is important to take these steps if you have a flooded basement in order to minimize the damage to your home. After taking care of the initial problem, you can begin the process of cleaning and restoring your basement.

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