What Is Commercial Pipe Lining?

Published On: August 3, 2016Categories: Plumbing

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 1.19.20 PMIf your building or office is experiencing pipe or drain problems, it is worthwhile to consider commercial pipe lining. Pipe lining sewer repair is a faster and cheaper alternative to traditional sewer replacement. Instead of inconveniencing your business for multiple days, the problem will be solved efficiently (usually in less than a day) and your business will experience minimal disruption during the repair or replacement.

Not familiar with commercial pipe lining? Commercial pipe lining is a type of pipe lining that does not require digging trenches or excavations. The foundation of your building will remain unharmed and you will not have to rebuild big structures. Trenchless pipe lining can be up to 75% cheaper than traditional pipe lining, making it a very attractive alternative. This type of pipe lining is cost effective because it only requires a small team of technicians and a few pieces of special equipment.

Commercial pipe lining can fix a variety of problems including parking lot storm/sewer drains, vertical roof drains, any pipe size from 2”-84” in diameter, and mainline sewers. It typically lasts for up to 50 years, which is another great benefit. The process is odorless, so you do not have to worry about bad smells disrupting your office.

If your commercial building is experiencing pipe or drain problems, consider the cost effective option of trenchless commercial pipe lining. The Waterworks is here to help you decide if it is the right option for your business.

Watch the video below to learn even more about commercial pipe lining.

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