What is Bugging Your Drain?

Published On: May 18, 2023Categories: Plumbing

We know that dealing with sewer bugs in your home can be a major headache. You may be surprised to learn that these pesky bugs are often found in your drains, not in your yard. Commonly known as sewer flies, gnats, fruit flies, water bugs, centipedes, silverfish, and drain flies, these bugs can quickly breed and become a major health risk.

The curved pipe you see below your kitchen or bathroom sink is called the drain trap. It’s designed to hold a small amount of water each time the sink drains. This water seals the drain and keeps sewer gases and drain bugs from escaping and entering your home. Every drain in your home has a trap, including your toilet.

The location of the drain trap is obvious in some fixtures, like the toilet. However, other fixtures, such as kitchen or bathroom sinks, may have the trap hidden in a cabinet under the sink. Larger fixtures, like showers, tubs, and washing machine drains, may have traps that are harder to access.

To prevent sewer bugs from infesting your home, it’s important to use all drains at least once every couple of weeks to keep water in the traps. We also recommend pouring one cup of white vinegar down infrequently used drains each month to help break down any organic matter that may be present. Additionally, washing all produce from your yard or the market before bringing it into your home can help prevent infestations.

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