Turn your home’s water off with your phone?!! Meet StreamLabs®

Heading to sunny warm climates, traveling or own another property, nothing ruins your return home more than a flooded or damaged home. Even small problems like leaky faucets and clogged drains can turn into big headaches if left unchecked. Leaks can turn into burst pipes and clogged drains can turn into sewage backups and flooded basements.  Left unchecked, you could end up with a costly disaster and repair upon return.

For those that don’t have a full-time house sitter or monitoring system there is an option for you and your home.

Meet StreamLabs. This Smart water-leak detection monitoring systems helps limit, or even prevent water from wreaking havoc on your home. StreamLabs® Smart water leak detector products connect to your phone and/or Amazon Alexa to track water usage and alert you to leaking pipes or appliances immediately.

How it works:
StreamLabs water leak detection products integrate with your mobile device giving you control over your water usage and round-the-clock protection against leaks. The Streamlabs App sends you instant alerts if a leak is detected anywhere in your house. With the control product, you can stop water leaks with a remote water shut-off function. You can also set your water usage for home and away modes, and conserve water usage with the Water Monitoring system. Savvy techies can also enhance their Smart Home with the integration of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant allowing you to control some settings with voice commands.

StreamLabs®Control offers advanced water metrics AND the ability to remotely shut off your water providing that extra peace of mind while you are way. It also includes monthly valve checks to ensure proper operation. The product also includes a 4-year manufacturer warranty when purchased and installed by a StreamLabs Pro.

When considering a purchase of a Smart water monitoring system, give the pros at The Waterworks a call for buying tips, and professional installation. Our technicians are approved StreamLab Pro Installers and can help determine the best product to meet your needs.

StreamLabs water leak detection products are another example of better care, better value, better results. Give us a call today to discuss your options.













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