Tips to lower your water bill in summer

Tips to Lower Your Water Bill in Summer

Published On: May 15, 2019Categories: Plumbing

Summer is a time for swimming, watering the lawn, and enjoying having the kids home for summer vacation. All these things can also add to increased water usage. And high water bills can put a kink in your budget. Try these simple tricks and tips for lowering your water usage and utility bill this summer.


Fix All Leaks

The absolute number one way you can lower your water bill and conserve water is by locating and repairing any household leaks. From a dripping bathroom faucet to a faulty hose connection at an outside spigot, a few drops can add up to a lot when you leave your leak untended. Leaks can also be hidden but cause major damage to your home. Have an inspection performed by a trusted plumbing company such as The Waterworks. We’ll find your leaks and stop them, instantly saving you money on your water bill.


Take Shorter Showers

A cold shower on a hot summer day is bliss. But long showers wreak havoc on your water bill. If you want to reduce water usage and cost, cut your showers down by a couple of minutes. Set up a playlist of just two songs totaling about 5-6 minutes and finish your shower when you hear the music stop. Also, try turning off the water while you shave or wait for your conditioner to soak in. You’ll see the differences on your water bill soon enough.


Wash Only Full Loads

When it comes to your washing machine and dishwasher, it’s better to wait for a full load than smaller load if you want to start saving money. We know, summer means getting sweaty and gross, which means more outfit changes, which adds up to more laundry being done. A single load in the washing machine can use up to 45 gallons of water (in a traditional machine). A single load in the dishwasher uses about six gallons. By washing clothes and dishes less often and only washing full loads, you can reduce water usage and save money on your water bill.


Consider New Appliances

Your appliances may use more water than you imagine. But lowering your water bill is easy when you switch to WaterSense and EnergyStar rated appliances and fixtures. A smart-flush toilet can save up to 25 gallons per day in a family household. Water-efficient washing machines can use as little as five gallons per load. A new showerhead could reduce consumption by over 12% with no noticeable flow difference. You can make a massive impact on your water bill when you switch out your appliances and fixtures with the help of The Waterworks.


Perform Manual Lawn Care

It’s easy enough to just set the sprinkler on and forget it, but this often results in water waste and a high utility bill. Be judicious with when you water your lawn. Do it by hand, not with an automatic system. If the kids want to play in the sprinkler, set it in the part of your yard that needs watering most, so it can do double duty. Be smart with your landscaping and choose plants that grow in drier conditions.


Understand the Value of Water

Perhaps the best way to reduce your water usage and, thus, your water bill, is to understand the true value of water. We can’t measure its worth just by our utility bills. Water is a vital resource to our planet and our lives. Every day, millions of gallons are wasted through non-judicious usage. You can make an impact, not only to your personal water bill but also to the global water crisis, when you call the Waterworks for help with your water efficiency needs.

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