The Truth About Water Usage

Published On: March 29, 2019Categories: Plumbing

It may seem easy to turn a tap and have water flow abundantly. However, we have become so accustomed to having as much water as we want whenever we want, that we forget how precious of a commodity it really is. Most of the world’s water is salt water, and what little is left is often not readily accessible or evenly distributed throughout the world. The statistics are worrisome, but the impact even small changes can make is huge.



Way back in 2014, 40 of the 50 US states told the Government Accountability Office that they expected to have non-drought related water shortages within the next ten years. Americans are using water at alarming rates.


If you leave the tap running while brushing your teeth, you waste up to eight gallons of water. That’s more than many people worldwide see in a week. Watering an average-size lawn for just 20 minutes every day for a week, is the equivalent of taking 800 showers.


From everyday tasks, an average family in the US uses over 300 gallons of water per day in their homes. But if you have bad pipes, you are contributing to the nearly 900 billion gallons of water annually wasted through household leaks. That’s enough water to last 11 million homes an entire year!


And don’t forget, water usage statistics are deceptive. A large portion of our national water usage comes from industry and agriculture. Many people don’t realize how much water goes into making the products you buy, wear, and consume. Think about this—it takes 800 gallons of water to produce one t-shirt. Eight. Hundred. Gallons.



Don’t panic. The world water crisis can be helped. You can pledge to use less water in your home. Start by looking at your water bill. Not the cost, but the volume used. Are you average or above? Changing habits can make a huge difference, but so can changing your fixtures. Look for faucets, taps, toilets, and fixtures with the WaterSense label.


Water-conserving fixtures are proven to drastically cut water usage, saving you money in the process. With all your leaks fixed, your household alone can save up to 45 gallons per day. If every US home had water-saving features, our national water usage would drop by an estimated 30%. This would result in a savings of approximately $4 billion annually.


The US needs to wake up to the impending water crisis our world and our nation is facing. You can make a difference by having your plumbing inspected and any leaks repaired by The Waterworks. We can also assist with changing bathroom and kitchen faucets, showerheads, toilets, and more to water-conserving models. Call The Waterworks today to start saving water and money.

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