Save money watering your lawn and garden

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Did you know that the average single-family suburban home uses more than 30,000 gallons of water per year and that at least 30 percent of this water for outdoor purposes – irrigating the lawn and garden?

Considering that the price of water continues to ride, this can add up to considerable cost. Here are some tips to conserve outdoor water this summer and save money on your water utility bill.

  • Water your lawn or garden during the morning hours or in the evening. The temperatures are cooler during this time and the sun is not out – this will reduce evaporation.
  • Adjust your sprinklers so that they are watering your lawn and garden only. Make sure you’re not watering the street or sidewalk.
  • Plant flowers and plants which are best suited for our climate. They won’t require as much water.
  • Don’t over-water your flowers and landscaping. Learn plants’ water needs and water them according to what they need.
  • A lush, green lawn is beautiful, but don’t over-fertilize. Over-fertilizing increases your lawn’s need for water.
  • Don’t mow grass too short. Keep your lawn mower blade set to at least 3 inches. Taller grass makes for deep roots and holds moisture better than a short, closely cropped lawn.
  • Use mulch around trees and plants to help reduce evaporation and control weeds.

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