Prevent plumbing problems this Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is about family and friends, spending time together, sharing a meal, and shopping on Black Friday. It’s not supposed to be about plumbing problems. Not surprisingly though, the day after Thanksgiving is often the busiest day of the year for plumbers.

Additional people in your home and overnight guests put a strain on your drains and pipes. Disposing of food scraps and leftovers down your garbage disposal can cause backups and clogs. Here are some tips to avoid having to call the plumber this year.

Be kind to your garbage disposal

Don’t pour fat, grease or cooking oil down the garbage disposal. Wipe grease from pots and pans with paper towels first and throw them in the trash. Avoid putting anything fibrous or stringy in your garbage disposal. This means poultry skin, potato peels, fruit, and celery. Dispose of these items in the trash. Don’t wait until your garbage disposal is full to turn it on. Turn on your disposal and put small amounts of waste in it at a time. Run cold water as your use your disposal and allow the water to run for a minute or two before turning it off.

Don’t treat your toilet like a garbage can

Don’t flush items like cotton balls, Q-tips, hair, or facial scrub pads down the toilet. They don’t dissolve and will cause clogs. Toilet paper is really the only thing that is meant to be flushed down your toilet.

Give your drains some recovery time

Ask your overnight guests to wait 10-20 minutes in between showers. This will give your drains and pipes some time to clear out and helps prevent clogs.

The best defense is a strong offense

Address any minor plumbing problems you have before the holiday, before guests arrive. It’s less expensive in the long run than paying additional holiday charges.

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