Do you have hard water?

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hard water


The most common water treatment problem found in homes is hard water.  What is hard water exactly?  It’s water that has a high mineral content such as calcium and magnesium.  Hard water can dilute soap and detergent so they don’t lather as well, damage heating elements in electric water heaters, and clog pipes with mineral buildup.

Hard water is not unusual in Central Ohio.  The water in most communities across Franklin County varies from “moderately hard” to “very hard” using the rating system created by the federal government.

How can you test your water at home to see if you have hard water or not?  Here’s a simple test:

  • Use a clean, empty plastic bottle that has a cap – such as a clear pop bottle or bottled water bottle.
  • Remove the cap and fill the bottle about halfway with water.
  • Add about ten drops of dish washing liquid.
  • Put the cap back on and shake the bottle well.
  • If the soap and water solution foams up quickly, your water is not hard.
  • If it doesn’t foam up or creates a soapy film on the water surface then your water is likely hard.

If you’d like a more scientific test, you can always send a water sample out for testing to a certified water testing lab.  If you have hard water and want to remedy it, the only real solution is purchasing a water softener system.

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