Unclog your shower head

  Lime and mineral build up over time can clog your shower head and decrease your water flow.  Here’s a quick and easy way to unclog your shower head using…

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4 tips for buying a new furnace

  Think it’s time for a new furnace?  Purchasing a new furnace is a big investment.  Here are four tips to keep in mind before making the actual purchase. Shop…

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Spring Plumbing Tips

  Are you ready for spring?  Although it’s not officially here yet, it’s not too early to start thinking about some spring cleanup activities around your home.  Here are some…

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Deep clean your bathroom sink

Your bathroom sink is a workhorse – toothpaste, makeup, soap scum, mineral deposits – it’s seen it all. Once a week, it’s a good idea to deep clean your bathroom…

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5 signs you need a new furnace

Before you consider making one more call to your favorite HVAC contractor for another repair on your older furnace, read these 5 common signs that you need a new furnace….

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Safely thaw a frozen pipe

  Even if you’ve taken precautions to prevent your pipes from freezing, it can still happen during bitter cold nights.  Frozen pipes, if they burst, can lead to flooding and…

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