When To Get An Air Quality Assessment

Published On: January 13, 2017Categories: Heating & Cooling

Keeping the air in your home clean is just as important as any other home maintenance. Having poor air quality can lead to serious health issues due to having large amounts of dust, mold, pollen, or pollutants in the air which circulate through your house. Here are some scenarios where you should get your air quality tested.

Observe Your Home

The easiest way to know if your home has poor air quality is to look at what’s happening around you. If your family, or even yourself, have been struggling with unusual breathing issues lately, such as coughing, it may be a result of this issue. This can be from allergens or mold inhaled in larger amounts than usual.

Another simple way to check your air quality is to look at the flat surfaces in your home. If these surfaces are constantly getting covered in dust, then it’s possible that you have too many dust particles floating around your house. Like other allergens, these particles aren’t visible to the human eye until they accumulate and create more work to keep a clean home.

If Your Home Is Older

Old houses pose the possibility of containing lead paint and asbestos: two substances that aren’t used anymore because of how dangerous they can be for peoples’ health. One of the dangerous things about both of these products, is that they can create dust of their own as they wear down. This can be inhaled as easily as the dust mentioned previously, putting everyone in that house at risk for the various health issues they can cause.

If Your Home Has Experienced Extreme Wetness Or Humidity

There are some types of mold that thrive in wet and humid environments. You may also not even be able to see the mold yourself, as it can grow in unseen places like behind walls. So, if your home has flooded recently, you live in a humid area or have been having issues with your dehumidifier, you should call a professional immediately. Breathing in mold particles will lead to dangerous lung issues in the future.

If You Live In Or Near A City

Pollutants can travel through the air, ending up miles from their original source. Unfortunately, these pollutants do not check themselves at the door of your home when you enter or open a window. These pollutants can have some very bad health effects if there is prolonged exposure (this is the reason many people living in China wear masks when they go outside).

Getting your air quality tested will help protect the health of your family. If there is something compromising your home’s air quality, then a professional can help you solve it using increased ventilation outside of your home, disposing of asbestos, or installing air filters in your home.

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