What To Do If You Have A Natural Gas Leak

Published On: January 13, 2017Categories: Heating & Cooling

Many people use natural gas in their homes, such as for their stoves. However, not detecting or even ignoring a natural gas leak has large safety implications. Some red flags that you have a natural gas leak are a hissing sound and the smell of rotten eggs. Here is what you should do if you detect either of these warning signs in your home.

Consider Evacuating Your Home

Once the leak is noticed, you should leave your home immediately if the smell of rotten eggs is strong, there is an open flame in your home, or the plants in your front lawn have suddenly taken on a brown color. These are signals that the gas leak is large and you should get far from the area as soon as possible. Find a safe spot and call 911.

Turn Off Anything That May Create A Spark

Make sure your stove, lights, and pilot off are turned off. A spark during a natural gas leak can have deadly consequences, such as large fires or even a small explosion. If you need to navigate your house, you should use a flashlight because the use of electricity has been known to create sparks from time to time.

Ventilate Your House

Open up doors and windows to keep the natural gas from building up inside the house. You need to get as much gas out of the house as possible to protect your home.

Go to a Safe Place

Supposing you didn’t need to do this earlier, after the previous steps you should find safe place and call the gas company. They will be able to find and patch the leak properly, which is incredibly important to have done before you use your natural gas again.

If you think you’re experiencing a natural gas leak or would like to inspect your gas lines, call us anytime and we’ll get to you as quickly as we can to stop the leak in its tracks.

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