Ways to Keep Your Home Cool Without Air Conditioning

Published On: May 26, 2017Categories: Heating & Cooling

The summer months can make it hard for anyone to keep cool, especially if your home doesn’t have air-conditioning. Taking the right precautions before the weather breaks can make a big difference in your house’s temperature, they often are non-invasive and cheap. Here are some ways to help keep your home cool this summer even without air conditioning.

Insulate your home properly

This piece of advice is one of the most important yet most invasive steps on this list if your home is not already insulated. Luckily, most homes receive insulation during the building process, so this should not be troublesome for most homeowners. Many people think insulation is what keeps your home warm in the winter. However, it does this by preventing the outside cold air from entering through the walls and other areas.

In the summer, insulation does the same thing with the warm air attempting to break through the walls. Insulation is of particular importance in the attic during the summer because it keeps the cold air from leaving. Insulation is important because not only does it keep your home comfortable, but it helps keeps energy bills low.

There are other ways to insulate your home too that can be helpful, such as placing weather strips on the bottoms of external doors and caulking the edges around your windows. Proper insulation will prevent the warm air from getting into your home.

Let air circulate naturally

With the potentially most difficult tip out of the way, the following advice costs no money and no time. A simple step to take is to leave interior doors open. The idea here being that doors between rooms should stay open so that cold air is free to enter and leave as it circulates throughout your home. Closing a door to an individual room prevents cold air from entering from the rest of the house, which in effect makes the room much warmer than it needs to be.

Close your blinds

Another free and quick fix is to keep your blinds down during the day. This step prevents the sun from heating the room during the day. Anyone who has sat in a car after it has sat in the sun for hours on a hot today knows how uncomfortably stuffy it can get. Unfortunately, the same thing happens with your home on hot days too. On another note, remember to open your windows at night once everything has cooled down to make the most of the lowered temperature.

Set up fans

Installing fans is a great way to help feel cooler when they are in your home. Fans don’t have any effect on the temperature, but the breeze moving over your skin helps cool you down. Place fans in strategic locations such as hallways and window sills to create cross breezes. Installing ceiling fans can also be beneficial and can have the same effect as small and mobile fans. Make sure to set ceiling fans to go counter-clockwise at high speeds in the warm months. Fans are an amazing way to keep air moving around the house and help cool everyone down.

Keep indoor humidity to a minimum

This next tip may take some more consideration on the parts of homeowners as they go through their day. Everyday tasks like showering, drying clothes, and cooking can increase the humidity levels in your house. It is important to save these chores until after the hottest part of the day because they can make the heat worse. Installing a dehumidifier can help as well.

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