Employee Spotlight: Terry Trimmer

Published On: May 25, 2018Categories: Employee Announcements

The Waterworks estimator Terry Trimmer truly knows what it means to provide good customer service. As an estimator, Trimmer communicates directly with customers by examining their damages and providing an estimated cost when their plumbing needs are beyond what a technician can allocate. Because of his vital role in aiding customers through large crises, Trimmer has formed many long-lasting relationships with many returning customers.

With clients calling him directly, the excellent customer service Trimmer provides to each client has earned him many meaningful relationships. It’s relationships like these that have helped The Waterworks to grow as a company. Between superior response time, quality work, competitive prices, and a seemingly never-ending team of professionals like Terry, it’s no wonder clients are so quick to recommend The Waterworks to their friends and loved ones.

Trimmer’s favorite part about working for The Waterworks is knowing that he gets to be part of the team that plays a huge role in helping people in emergency situations. Many places including hotels, senior living places, hospitals, and other large companies rely heavily on The Waterworks’ services to stay running and comfortable for those living and working in them. For these customers, speedy and reliable maintenance is important for ensuring their success. Because of how accountable Trimmer and The Waterworks are for providing these customers with the service they need in times of crisis, many have come to know that calling Terry means that they’ll be up and running in no time.

Outside of the office, Trimmer enjoys sightseeing with his wife and riding his motorcycle around Ohio and surrounding states. He also enjoys fishing and golfing, but humbly admits they’re not his top skills. Family is also important to Terry as he tries to spend as much time as possible with his grandchildren whenever he can.

As with any industry, there have been many changes to the plumbing industry throughout the years. In the span of Trimmer’s career, he has seen improvements with the addition of new tools and equipment that provide quicker solutions without compromising the quality of the repair. On the other hand, Trimmer has also seen the industry slowdown and struggle to recruit quality workers as plumbing has become a less popular career choice for younger generations, as some tend to be directed to college. However, this trade is actively recruiting and paying well. The Waterworks implemented an apprentice program, which pays a salary during the training process.

Trimmer noted that a hidden issue that homeowners may face as spring and summer approach is the downspout lines from the house to the street. If they are plugged up with roots, leaves, or other debris, then water has nowhere to go after leaving the sump pump. This, unfortunately, leads to water flooding the basement as time goes on. It’s important to make sure you’re checking all aspects of your home’s plumbing systems to ensure that problems aren’t beginning to form as the winter freeze disappears and warm weather starts to come in. If there is any damage left from the winter, this might lead to large problems come spring and summer.

While Trimmer says it’s very important to check and make sure everything is running smoothly as the seasons transition, it’s not always easy to find the time or acquire skills to do so. If that’s the case for your household, give The Waterworks a call today. We’ll send someone out to take a look at everything to make sure your home’s plumbing system is in perfect shape going into the summer months. With employees like Terry working for the company, we can assure you that you’ll be in the best hands.

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