6 Ways to Keep Your Heating Bill Low

Published On: February 20, 2017Categories: Heating & Cooling

Snow, ice, and freezing temps can make your heating bill add up and add up quickly. Fortunately, there are simple things that you can do to help keep your home budget on track during the worst of winter and into the spring.

Let the Sun Shine In!

Even though the temperature is cold outside, when the sun shines, it can help heat up your home. If you have a lot of curtains and blinds in your home, open them up on bright, sunny days and let the sun shine in for a few hours. Turn down the heat a few degrees during the day and enjoy the natural light and warmth! In addition, adding a transparent cover or outside insulation over your windows can also keep costs down.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Nowadays, there are all types of easy-to-use programmable thermostats work to adjust internal temps and keep heating bills down. Some connect to Wi-Fi and can be adjusted from your smartphone. This means that while you are at work or out of the house for a few hours, you can turn the heat down from your phone, and then turn it back up before you go home. Set a daily reminder on your phone’s calendar to do this. Making the switch to this type of thermostat is a great way to save a few dollars on your heating bill.

Increase Your Home’s Humidity Level

It is recommended for homes to have a humidity range of 30-50 percent. Dry air is cold air, meaning that if your home’s humidity level is low, your home will be chilly and you are likely cranking up the heat. Placing humidifiers throughout the home, or adding plants and watering them regularly are a great way to add humidity. Once the humidity range in your home is on track, you will be able to turn down the heat and feel more comfortable.

Spread Heat That is Already There

Speaking on humidity levels, take a hot shower with the bathroom door open. The heat and steam will spread throughout your home instead of trapping all of the heat in the bathroom. Starting a fire in your fireplace and cooking a hot meal are other easy ways to bring in some heat without elevating your thermostat.

Turn Down Your Water Heater

How about this simple tip: Lowering your water heater just 20 degrees from 140 degrees to 120 degrees will not feel all that different or be that noticeable! This will reduce your heating bill without even needing to change the temperature of your showers. Plus, too hot water in the winter can lead to very dry skin, eczema and chafing.

Get a Check Up

Just like in the spring, it is an important practice to have a professional look at your air handling system. A preventive maintenance appointment, also known as a service agreement, is a good idea to ensure everything is running smoothly. You can also do a checkup yourself by making sure that all of the filters in your heating system are clean and replaced.

We have some months to go before spring is upon us, so go ahead and build that snowman, go sledding with the kids or hit the ski trails. It will be so nice returning to a warm, comfy house!