4 Common Causes of Leaky Faucets

Published On: May 20, 2022Categories: Advice and tips

A leaky faucet can lead to all sorts of issues with your water bill, not to mention that annoying dripping sound. If you notice that your sink is leaking or always dripping water, then be sure to call a professional plumber to take a look, so your water bill doesn’t spike. A leaky faucet can have many different causes.

A worn out valve seat

The valve seat is what connects the faucet of the sink to the pipe. Problems arise with this part as it corrodes because of sediment in the water. Sediment builds up in the valve seat as the water flows through it to reach the sink, and over time it causes the valve seat to corrode and wear out. Leaks can begin after the valve seat has worn out enough. A worn out valve seat can be replaced on your own if you have a seat wrench, which helps reach down into the faucet to remove the bad part.

Problems with the washers

Another common problem is worn out washers. The washers in your sink are rubber or metal pieces that are meant to seal up gaps in the pipe to prevent leaks. These also wear out with use as the washers rub against the parts they are between. Leaks can also occur if the washer was not installed correctly, or if the wrong size washer was installed in the first place. When replacing the washer, make sure it is the correct size.

A broken O-ring

A third source of trouble is a broken O-ring. O-rings are rubber rings that go around a pipe and work with the washers to seal up gaps that water can escape through. Just like a washer, these wear out over time and can allow water to break through and end up in places it shouldn’t.

Loose Parts

The different parts of the sink and faucet can become loosened over time due to several factors. The main problem being that the connections between the various pipes may not be sealed as tightly, resulting is water leaking through the gaps. Having a professional plumber come out and have a look can help get rid of this issue if you are unable to find the source yourself.

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