Toilet Talk: The Good, The Better, The Best

Toilets. We all have them. We all use them. A Toilet has one purpose…….unless you have small children in the house than all bets are off. In all seriousness, when was the last time you shopped for a new toilet? Whether you’re remodeling a bathroom or replacing an older worn-out model, you may be surprised, and even overwhelmed at the wide variety of products, options and features available on today’s modern-day toilets.

With over 85 years of plumbing expertise, The Waterworks helps get to the bottom (no pun intended) in helping you choose; The good, the better, and the best porcelain flusher for your home and family.

The Good – Mansfield Alto
The Mansfield Alto features an elongated front, standard height (15”) bowl, a high efficiency 4.8 lpf (liters per flush) water consumption 1.28 gpf (gallons per flush), which is good enough to receive the EPA WaterSense label.  Featuring SmartFlush™ technology it uses 20% less water than conventional toilets, and the universal style blends nicely with any décor. Other features include Fluidmaster® pilot anti-siphon fill valve, and plastic trip level.

The Better –Mansfield -Alto Smart-height
This product features an Elongated front, SmartHeight™ (16-1/2”) bowl. The Alto Smart-height boasts a higher efficiency 1.6 gpf/6.0 lpf low water consumption and includes SmartFlush™ flushing technology with a 2” flush tower.  This model features a chrome plated plastic trip lever and has a universal style blending nicely with any décor.

The Best Mansfield –Summit
A toilet must excel at its main job of flushing away waste to make our top pics list. The Summit boasts a highly engineered PuraClean ™ glaze and helps remove 1,000 grams of waste making it easier to flush and the bowl easier to clean and resistant to bacteria.  With Magnaflush™ technology, the large flush valve provides big flushing power to force out more waste. Using just 1.28 or 1.6 gallons of water, with the 1.28 gpf earning the WaterSense® seal of approval from the EPA.1. Durable and attractive, the Summit’s universal styling blends well with any décor. You also have the option to choose from four configurations (round or elongated shape; standard or SmartHeight™) that’s best for you.

Mansfield Plumbing products are the preferred brand of choice for The Waterworks, offering beautiful designs and reliable performance at an affordable price. When considering a purchase for a new toilet for your home, contact The Waterworks for buying tips and professional installation. Our plumbing and drain experts can help you find a product that meets your needs and your budget.


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