Why Hire a Professional to Clean your Carpeting


It is certainly possible to clean your own carpeting reasonably well using a machine that you rent from your local grocery store chain. However it’s also wise to recognize that a competent professional can probably do a far better job. Here are some other reasons it is beneficial to hire a professional vs. doing it yourself.

Carpet cleaning professionals:

  • have access to the best equipment and tools to get the job done thoroughly and efficiently.
  • are experienced with all the different fibers carpets are made of. They can determine which cleaning solutions and methods will be most effective and safe – will not cause damage to your carpeting.
  • use extremely effective pre-treatments, cleaning solutions and protectants that work far better than what you can purchase yourself.
  • use methods and solutions that remove all the dirt and stains that cause damage to your carpeting.
  • use high heat steam systems that sanitize your carpeting and kill bacteria and dust mites.
  • use extraction equipment that quickly removes water, cleaning solution residue, and speeds up the drying process.

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