What is the Tallest Building in Columbus, Ohio?

Photo from The Columbus Dispatch.
Photo of the Millennial Tower from The Columbus Dispatch.

Have you ever wondered which downtown Columbus building is the tallest? If this question has ever crossed your mind, you may be interested to know that Columbus’ tallest building was constructed decades ago in 1973. That building is the Rhodes State Office Tower and it boasts 41 stories that make up 1,200,000 square feet.

The building construction cost was approximately $66 million and around 4,000 state employees currently work inside of the building. The skyscraper is named after James A. Rhodes, who is the longest-serving governor of Ohio, serving from 1975 to 1983.

If you are familiar with this skyscraper, you may have also noticed the odd shape at the top. This is due to a last-minute change in design to lower the height to 629 feet instead of 779 feet.

If you’ve ever looked at a skyscraper, you may have also wondered how exactly running water reaches the top floors of these massive buildings. This occurs due to the use of high-powered pumps that deliver water to the highest floor in the building. The water mains provided in most cities are only able to get water to reach up to 6-8 stories.

In recent Columbus news, Arshot Investment Corporation announced a plan to build a 25 story building that will be the highest skyscraper to be built in Columbus in 15 years. The proposed name for the building is Millennial Tower and it will be a combination of residential, retail, and office space.

If the building is approved by the Downtown Commission, a new skyscraper will be seen in the Columbus skyline in 2018.

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