Important tips for your smoke detectors

Smoke Detector


The use of smoke detectors in homes as significantly reduced injuries and death from fires.  But the only smoke detector that can warn your family of fire in your home is one that is working properly.  Here are some things you can do to keep your smoke detectors in good working order and test them:

  • If your smoke detectors are ten years old or more, replace them with new ones. Smoke detectors have a reliable service life of ten years.
  • Don’t decorate or cover any part of your smoke alarm. This can impair its function.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner regularly – either full-size or handheld – to remove dust from the detector’s cover. Dust in these slots can interfere with early detection of a fire.
  • Test your smoke detectors at least monthly, if not weekly, by pushing and holding down the test button.
  • A few times a year, purchase and use aerosol test gas to insure that your detectors are working.
  • If in doubt, throw it out – if you move into a house and you can not determine the age of the existing smoke detectors in the new home, throw them out, and buy new ones.


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