Check Out Our New Billboards!

Not every sign can change with the weather. Just think about all of those air conditioning and water park billboards you have seen in the dead of winter, as you drive by wearing a winter coat. In other words, some signs just do not make sense after the weather shifts. The Waterworks realized this was happening and worked on a special billboard. We all know how fast Columbus weather can change, and our signs are designed to change just as sudden.

The new signs for The Waterworks have two messages: one for when the weather is nice and sunny, and another for when the weather is more wet and bleak. The purpose of these messages is to make sure people are aware of the ill effects that extreme weather can have on your pipes. When it starts to rain, your sump pump can quickly become overwhelmed by the amount of water, your pipes can flood, and underground dirt and clay can move and hurt the pipes. These problems can cause flooding and backups in your pipes, and require repairs.

The second reason is so that Columbus knows that The Waterworks is there for all of its plumbing needs, every day of the year to take care of any plumbing situation you may have! We have over  750,000 service calls under our belts, and our experienced technicians are always available for emergency calls. So keep an eye out for the second message on our signs, and on your pipes!

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