4 Reasons to get your AC tuned this spring  

Air Conditioner Maintenance


Although with the mild, spring weather, you’re enjoying a few weeks of cost and energy savings with your AC and furnace off, it’s not too early to prepare your AC for the hot, humid months that are just around the corner.

The spring time is an ideal time to schedule an appointment with your favorite heating and cooling company to perform an AC tune up.  Here are 4 reasons why an annual AC tune up is so beneficial:

  1. Extend the lifespan of your AC: Let’s face it – home AC systems are expensive.  They’re not something you want to have to replace often.  With a professional cleaning, evaluation, and parts replacement you’ll extend the lifespan of this important investment in your home.
  2. Avoid costly repairs: What’s almost as expensive as replacing your AC system?  Major repairs. Definitely something you want to avoid.  By scheduling a spring AC tune up, you can fix minor issues before they lead to major repairs.
  3. Replace worn parts: Over the years, with regular use, parts like fan belts, wires, and filters wear out.  During a spring AC tune up, your HVAC technician can identify and replace parts so that your system runs reliably and efficiently.
  4. Save on energy costs: A spring maintenance tune up will ensure that your AC system is runs at maximum efficiency, effectively cooling your home and saving energy costs.

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