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Dublin-Based Environmental Common Sense (ECS) Uses Physics—Not Chemicals—to Soften Water

May 03, 2010

ECS and The Waterworks partner to install environmentall- safe home water treatment systems.

Central Ohio homeowners searching for a cost-effective and environmentally-safe method for treating hard water now have a viable solution. Environmental Common Sense (ECS), based in Dublin, Ohio, has successfully developed products to address a myriad of problems associated with water treatment, and they manufacture a home water treatment system that conditions water without the hassle and expense of buying expensive salt. The units, which are built to last 100 years, use physics—not chemicals—to soften the water. The company is partnering with The Waterworks, a 75-year-old plumbing and drain cleaning company, to distribute and install the units.

The benefits to the consumer are:

  • Treats water for approximately one-third the investment of a salt-based water softener.

  • Eliminates the long-term operating costs of a salt-based water softener.

  • Eliminates the need for electricity or additional water.

  • Provides an environmentally-friendly alternative to salt-based water softening.

  • Improves the cleaning action of soaps, detergent and shampoo.

  • Improves water quality and taste.

While ECS currently services some of the world’s largest corporations and governmental and institutional customers, it is now making its proven technology available to homeowners. The ECS whole home water treatment system is a synergistic design that uses filters to remove virtually all particulates, chlorine and other toxins, which in turn enhances the quality of the water. At the same time, its scale control unit reduces or eliminates hard water formation from water heaters and plumbing fixtures.

“I believe we have America’s best-kept energy technology secret,” said ECS President Paul J. Thomas. “Ours is an innovative solution to traditional salt softeners. By eliminating the need for chemicals, we can offer an environmentally-safe alternative.”

The initial cost of the home unit is typically about one-third that of a standard water softener system—and without the ongoing cost of salt. It also eliminates the hassle of dragging heavy bags of salt to the basement. It’s a simple solution, and The Waterworks professionals can install most units in approximately two hours.

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